Our fabrics are based on the technology VITAFIT of microcapsules that gradually release the benefits in contact with the skin. 
It is a combination of esters moisturising with botanical extracts and Marine, designed to moisturize and reaffirm. 
Provides softness, help to repair the damage to the skin, remineraliza, moisturizes and rebalances. 


It has moisturizing properties for dry skins or aged, helps regulate the level of fat that loses the skin by the passage of time and prevents the deterioration.


Is anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, produces and rebuilds collagen in the skin, is an antioxidant, and antialergénico. In addition tones the skin is firming, illuminator and oxygenating. 
Marine Algae.

Improve the lymphatic circulation and blood, helping the removal of fat and to the reduction of measures. Revitalize and reaffirm the skin, oxygenate and reduce the appearance of cellulite and detoxify the skin and restores its humidity levels. Promote the regeneration of tissues and activate the cellular metabolism, re-mineralize, moisturise, purify and nourish it. 

Vitamin E 

Has antioxidant properties and helps in the reduction of the scars, the appearance of stretch marks on the skin and premature aging.