1. Applies only to Sellers by Catalog attached to the channel.


1. Fajas MariaE (Creaciones Segar S.A.) starts the incentive program by points for catalog sales on July 1, 2016.


1. Each $ 1,000 pesos represents (1) one point.

2. All products are subject to inventory availability

3. The photographs that appear in the point catalog are referential. You can receive a product like the one in the photo or similar.

4. Once the request for redemption of points is made, returns or product changes are not accepted.

5. Points are not changed for money.

6. The points are personal and non-transferable.

7. The redeemed article will be dispatched within the next 8 business days of requesting it.

8. For Medellín advisors, the redeemed article will reach your address.

9. For guarantee purposes Fajas MariaE (Creaciones Segar S.A) is not responsible for the guarantees of electrical products, this will be done directly with the manufacturer. Each article will have its format and warranty policies.

10. In the following cases there will be no accumulation of points: Size reductions and adjustments, invoices generated by changes of the same value

11. In case of an error in the registration of points this will be corrected as soon as possible and once the respective correction can be used.

12. Surplus for changes will be taken into account for the accumulation of points.

13. The accumulation of points will only be done in whole rounded values, towards the lower whole number.

14. Participation in the Points Program is subject to the terms and conditions established by Fajas MariaE (Creaciones Segar S.A.) in these regulations; The mere fact of realizing a redemption of points implies the unconditional acceptance of the client, of all the conditions and regulations, as well as of those that in the future establish Fajas MariaE (Creaciones Segar S.A.).

15. Fajas MariaE (Creaciones Segar SA) reserves the right to cancel the participation of any client who commits or attempts to commit any offense, crime and / or any other act against Fajas MariaE (Creaciones Segar SA). When the participation is canceled Of the customer, he automatically loses all of his membership rights in the Point Incentive Program for catalog sales, including the points he has accumulated and rights to the benefits to be received, notwithstanding the administrative and / or legal actions that he may exercise Fajas MariaE (Creaciones Segar SA) against the respective client.


1. Validity of points 3 months.

2. Incentive catalog valid for three months from its publication.

3. Points accrued at the end of their term (3 months) will be discounted and automatically eliminated without prior notice.

4. In the event that Fajas MariaE (Creaciones Segar S.A.) of completing the points program you will be able to redeem your accumulated within the time of duration of the last catalog of points.


1. You can accumulate points with any means of payment.

2. When accumulating the corresponding score, the customer can make the exchange of points for the product that he chooses within the options of the current catalog while the inventory exists, or continue accumulating to eventually redeem for another product.

3. The repurchase bonds may only be used in the next purchase (maximum 60 days) and these are not cumulative with each other. Not redeemable for money.

4. For redemption of points you must call toll-free 018000423670

5. The point catalog can be obtained at points of sale, in a virtual way or sent to your home address.

6. The client can consult the balance of his points with his adviser or point of sale. In the national free line 018000423670.

7. Fajas MariaE (Creaciones Segar S.A.) reserves the right to modify totally or partially the factor of accumulation of points and the table of equivalences, assuming only the commitment to announce it previously to the participating clients with a time of anticipation of 15 days.

8. Fajas MariaE (Creaciones Segar S.A.) may provide additional points for promotional campaigns according to the conditions that are specified.