- Register and Win. Creaciones Segar S.A. Performs the activity #YOAMOMISCURVAS which is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Participants: Participants in the activity are seniors of Colombian nationality living in this country who accept the terms and conditions established in this document and who register their data on our website www.fajasmariae.com. Who are neither employed nor

2. Organizer: This contest has been created by Creaciones Segar S.A, who is responsible for monitoring and controlling the mechanics of the contest and also to choose the winner of the contest.

3. Term:

The contest will be held from March 1 until March 31 until noon.

4. Mechanics:

To participate in the contest #YOAMOMISCURVAS the participant must register once on the website www.fajasmariae.com between March 1 and March 31, 2017, filling in all the data completely.

People will be able to register their data only once in the website, but those who make purchases during this month on the website will have a better chance of winning A MARIAE KIT which includes products of the brand such as: Molding belt, sports belt and reducing gel Hot for a commercial value of $ 230,000, which is not exchangeable for money. .

The winner will be contacted through the phone that has registered, who will be able to choose his size and color of the products that he won.

Only those registered on the website will be taken into account from March 1 to March 31 until 12.m In case the company fails to locate the winning person, the selection will be randomized again through A mailbox in which the names of registered persons will be deposited.

The company does not accept any responsibility for late, corrupt, network failures, computer failures, hardware, software or whatever.

Late, incomplete, illegible, altered or unformed records will be disqualified and therefore will not be taken into account.

The Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Analyst and the Advertising area will be responsible for the draw, choosing from the mailbox a name randomly.