About us

Fajas MARIA E The skin of your beauty is a company dedicated to the design, production and commercialization of girdles through its product lines: Post-surgical, Reducing, Maternal, Molding, for Men and Accessories offering to all its clients innovative designs focused on Quality and comfort.

Through the years Fajas MariaE has been oriented in marking a style. For this a great variety of designs have been created which lead us to offer to the market the best options in control garments.
At present Fajas MariaE is recognized for its high quality in design, raw materials and clothing, accompanied by an excellent service. Our product complies strictly with the quality standards required in the market. For this we constantly strive for continuous improvement and optimization of processes, acquiring state-of-the-art technology and training our operational and administrative staff, so as to ensure a safe and reliable product for our customers.
Fajas MariaE is a brand positioned at national level and we work continuously in the expansion at international level, our experience and quality is our letter of introduction to the market making us a highly competitive and recognized company.
We are committed to the environment, which is why, in order to achieve this objective, we have been committed to training and accompanying our staff in becoming aware of the care and conservation of our planet, always focused on the proper use and reuse of Resources that nature gives us.
Social responsibility is part of the main objectives of our company which we are convinced that the generation of employment is one of the main sources to contribute to the development of the country.
Our product has earned us several prizes awarded for high quality, in this way our main objective and commitment as an organization is to provide the best quality to our customers satisfying their needs.


We are a company dedicated to the design, production and marketing of girdles in our molding and post-surgical lines, focused on constant innovation offering our customers quality and satisfaction of their needs.


The vision of MariaE girdles for the year 2020 is to be the leading company in molding and post-surgical products focused on quality, service and innovation.

Corporate values


In belts MARIA E are committed to our customers and partners in offering the market a quality product that surpasses the expectations of the environment.


In belts MARIA E we are committed to social and environmental responsibility, which through our work we contribute to our country progress and development.


We are an organization that works with dedication and dedication so that our clients, employees and partners see in our company a model to follow of emprendimiento, that through the manufacture and distribution of our product delivers to each person a responsible and transparent work.